Dining Diaries

Dining out is something I've grown up doing. My family has been in the restaurant business for many many years so going to and trying new restaurants is something I love to do. I've decided to create my first series called "Dining Diaries". Whenever I go out and try new places or new dishes at old favorites I want to share it with everyone. So, lets get started!


This passed weekend I met a friend for dinner at Lavo in NYC. We've both been there before for brunch so we were excited to finally try their dinner menu. I had the Margherita pizza which was great! They used fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil and it came out thin and crispy (just how I like it! There is nothing worse than soggy pizza.). My friend had the veal tortellini special which was in a light sauce that complimented the veal perfectly she said. We were both stuffed but obviously had to order dessert (and of course not just one but two!) Soon we had a plate of Oreo Zeppoles and Tiramisu in front of us to indulge in. Let me tell you the Zeppoles were fabulous! They were warm, soft, chewy (literally delicious) and the Tiramisu was light and airy perfection.

I'd have to give  Lavo a solid 5 out 5 for this visit!

 I am always looking for new recommendations so feel free to comment, tweet, or e-mail me with suggestions! 

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