Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Avocado Toast Three Ways

Avocado Toast is one of my favorite and easy meals to make. I thought I would share three of my go-to recipes.

One of the most important components to this meal is the bread. I always hit up my favorite Italian Markets to get a nice fresh loaf of bread. Nothing is better than crunchy Italian bread!

Get out your ripe avocados!

Mash the avocado on your freshly toasted bread.

This first toast is a super simple one. The only ingredients are avocado, a little olive oil and some salt & pepper to taste. 

For the second toast (again super simple), I  just add red pepper flakes to the avocado. You can also add little olive oil if you would like.

This last one is my favorite! I tend to lean towards this one when I am looking for more of a meal. I mash up my avocado and sprinkle feta cheese and chickpeas on top. Its perfect for brunch on the weekend or a quick meal during a busy work week. 

All three of these take about 10 minutes to prepare. They are super fun and easy to make. If I am having a group of girlfriends over for brunch I always whip up all three of these to provide options for my guests.
 Last weekend I made all three and enjoyed them al fresco. 
Doesn't eating outside always make your food  taste better?!

Mangia Darlings! 

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